Postalcode manager

Postalcode manager is made with PHP. It’s webproject where you can add, list and delete information about finnish postalcode areas. Program uses database, sessions and cookies. I have used bootstrap in styles.

Here you can try it:

You can find source codes in GitHub:



Install LAMP:

Install git

$ sudo apt-get install git

Clone repository:

$ git clone

Create config.php

$ cd postalcode
$ nano config.php

Inside config.php add these lines.

        define (DSN, "mysql:host=localhost;dbname=postalcodesoivi");
        define (DB_USER, "user");
        define (DB_PASSWORD, "password");

Create database

$ mysql -u root -p

CREATE DATABASE postalcodesoivi;
GRANT ALL ON postalcodesoivi.* TO [email protected] IDENTIFIED BY 'password';

Add postalcode table and test data

$ mysql -u user -ppassword postalcodesoivi < create.sql
$ mysql -u user -ppassword postalcodesoivi < insert.sql