Hello World module using template to Puppet

If you haven’t seen my previous tutorial you should see that:
How to install Puppet.

I’m using Xubuntu 12.04.03 32bit
Here is example how you can create template files to your Puppet module

Create folders and init.pp file

$ mkdir puppet/
$ cd puppet/
$ mkdir -p modules/hellotemplate/manifests/
$ nano modules/hellotemplate/manifests/init.pp

class hellotemplate {
        $testVariable = 'I am variable from init.pp'
        file { '/tmp/testModule':
                content => template("hellotemplate/testTemplate.erb"),

Create folder to your template and template file

$ mkdir -p modules/hellotemplate/templates/
$ nano modules/hellotemplate/templates/testTemplate.erb

Create test content using facter variables

Greetings from template!
TestVariable: <%= @testVariable %>
Operating system release = <%= @operatingsystemrelease %>
<% if @operatingsystemrelease != "13.10" -%>
     Time to change to a new release?
<% else -%>
     You have the newest release!
<% end -%>

Apply your hellotemplate module

$ sudo puppet apply --modulepath modules/ -e 'class {"hellotemplate":}'

Test if file was created to your computer

$ cat /tmp/testModule
Greetings from template!
TestVariable: I am variable from init.pp
Operating system release = 12.04
Time to change to a new release?

Now you have created module that uses templates!

More facter variables you can find with

$ facter
$ sudo facter 
$ sudo facter -p | less

These is what your folder/file tree should look like

└── modules
    └── hellotemplate
        ├── manifests
        │   └── init.pp
        └── templates
            └── testTemplate.erb

4 directories, 2 files

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